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Hot Dogs - A Brief History

Hot dogs are the most popular food served at barbecues, baseball games and picnics. Learn a bit about how the 'dog' came to be and which dogs fit into a healthier summer menu.

Good Irish Food and Guinness

Irish pubs can be found in most cities in the United States, but it isn't until St. Patrick's Day that a broader focus is placed on the hearty fare of the Emerald Isle. We have a menu idea for your St. Paddy's party, and be sure to wash it down with a big glass of Guinness.

Valentine’s Day - A Primer

Valentine's Day is known for lovers, chocolate and pink paper hearts. The story of how it all came about is an intriguing one, filled with love, death and martyrdom.

Top 10 Recipes of 2012

What's a new year without top ten lists from the prior year? Find your weeknight cooking inspiration from this top 10 list - the best recipes from

Groundhog Day Food Traditions

Most celebrations include some type of food that is appropriate for the occasion. Such is the case on Groundhog Day with the Pennsylvania Dutch and the social gathering they call fersommling.

The Legacy of the King

Elvis Presley made a huge mark on the world of music, but he also left behind a legacy of quirky food habits. On his birthday we celebrate with a menu fit for the King.

December:  The Season for Indulgence

If you're worried about eating too many goodies during the holiday season, relax! Follow Chef Susan's advice to take the stress out of holiday eating and put the fun back in.