With the spring comes not only asparagus, but also a huge increase in lamb consumption. Lamb is not the most popular of meats in the U.S., but many an Easter dinner features 'the other red meat.'

Good news for Utahns! Morgan Valley Lamb is back!  The sheep operation that lasted 3 generations almost went into permanent retirement, but with the help of Wes Crandall of Jones Creek Beef the Morgan Valley brand has been revived.

Many fine dining restaurants in Utah have chosen Morgan Valley Lamb for their menus due to its mild, non-gamey flavor. This is a result of raising the animals on an all-natural diet without the use of hormones, and allowing them to grow to just the right size.

You can enjoy Morgan Valley Lamb at home since several retail outlets carry the meat. You can even find a great recipe for Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb that could be the centerpiece for your Easter dinner.

Help support a genuinely local Utah producer and enjoy some of the finest lamb on the market.