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Let us teach you how to make great food. Get started by telling us: What kind of cook are you?

You are just learning to cook, you want to make your everyday cooking easier, or you simply want to build your confidence in the kitchen.
You are comfortable with the essentials of cooking, such as knife skills and basic cooking techniques, and you want to broaden the types of dishes that you prepare.
You are an adventurous home cook anxious to learn impressive new dishes and advanced cooking techniques. You are a true epicurean.

Welcome to the Online Cooking School!

Chef Susan Odell

Learn to cook for health and happiness!

Cooking with whole foods ensures a healthful diet, and Foodell will teach you everything you need to know to make great tasting, good-for-you food starting tonight.

Learn to cook with lean proteins, seasonal vegetables and whole grains, and you'll feel better, stronger and smarter.  We'll walk you through the Foodell quick and easy recipes, and demonstrate with videos all of the important techniques to make you efficient in the kitchen.

Even if you already cook, we'll help you hone your skills and teach you some tricks to make your cooking more fun.

Try it for a month and let us help you become a better cook. Click here - it's only $6.99!


                       ✓Step-by-step videos

                       ✓Make-ahead and storage tips

                       ✓Delicious, simple recipes that work

                       ✓Interactive "Ask the Chef" forum

Ask the Chef

Do you need professional cooking help?  Our online cooking school students have direct access to Chef Susan - ask any cooking question and receive a personal response within hours.  It's like having a professional cooking instructor in your kitchen!

Join the Foodell online cooking school and become a better cook - starting now!

Bon appetit!


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