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Cooking Pork Tenderloin

Prepare delicious pork tenderloin for dinner with these tips and tricks from Chef Susan. Learn how to trim the sinew, tuck and tie the thin end for consistent and uniform cooking, brown on the stovetop and roast more maximum enjoyment.

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54321 Hatch's photo
I followed your instructions for cooking pork tenderloin and this was the first time my pork turned out PERFECTLY. My family raved how moist & perfectly seasoned it was. Usually my pork was dry and overly salty. Thank you. I look forward to following your recipes for correcting other blunders.
Submitted by Hatch from Burlington, nj,  March 7, 2013
43211 MargeWebb's photo
Submitted by MargeWebb from Georgetown,  November 8, 2012

It was absolutely delicious!! Thanks for the helpful videos!! (re:  Cooking Pork Tenderloin)

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